Our Team

Pavo Walker


 Pavo has been involved in tuna fishing for over 20 years, between 2001 and 2013 was spent at sea as an owner / skipper of vessel Assassin. Pavo grew up on Sydney Harbour and worked on slipways, charter boats, water taxi’s and in Sydney Harbour Control as Communications Officer for Sydney Ports Corporation before taking a career change purchasing his first east coast tuna vessel, the Aquila, an old timber vessel built in 1946. 

Pavo oversees all aspects of the business but is heavily focused on fishing operations, boats, crew, skippers, maintenance and quota acquisition. 

Pavo sits on various committee’s including the Eastern Tuna Billfish Fishery (ETBF) Tropical Tuna Management Advisory Committee (TTMAC) and Research Advisory Group (RAG). Pavo is active in promoting the ETBF as a well managed and sustainable fishery. 

Heidi Walker


 Heidi grew up in Sydney and comes from a corporate background working for companies such as Uncle Toby’s, Carlton United Breweries and Treasury Wine Estates. Heidi joined Pavo in their business in a full-time position as the business started to expand and they invested in more boats. 

Currently Heidi is involved in all aspects of the day to day running of the business and has a strong focus on sales, marketing and branding of their product. 

Heidi is a member of the Commonwealth Government’s National Fishing Advisory Council (NFAC) and the Sunshine Coast’s Council’s Economic Resurgence Taskforce. 

Heidi enjoys having direct contact with chefs and being able to meet their requirements and high standards for wild caught Australian fish. Heidi knew it was imperative to prove to the public how sustainable Walker’s fishing was by setting out to gain MSC certification which was achieved in 2015.

Daniel Jones


Dan has been working in the fishing industry in Mooloolaba for over 25 years and has been with Walker Seafoods since March 2017. Dan is our General Manager and oversees the entire business on the fishing side and production side. Dan oversees all elements in the business including grading, sales, boat repairs, recruitment, reporting, strategy and setting KPI’s.

Mark Ebbels


Mark is a fully qualified skipper that has worked in the tuna longline industry for over thirty years. Mark liaises with WSA vessels on a daily basis to advise where to fish and monitors all charts, weather and at sea issues. Mark manages vessels arrivals and departures, oversees vessel monitoring system and educates skippers and crew on any issues. Mark is responsible for meeting performance targets for the vessels and ensuring skippers are managing vessels at sea to meet these targets.

Joanne Ellery


Jo joined Walker Seafoods in February 2017 and has an extensive background in finance, accounting and management both in corporate and self-employed positions. Jo oversees all financial aspects of the business including invoicing, payroll, management reporting, purchasing and financial planning. As well as assisting with the day to day running of the business and management of staff. 

Sue Jones


Sue has over 25 years of experience in the Eastern Tuna Billfish Fishery. Sue manages our export documentation, freight forwarding, imports, domestic freight and compliance certifications. Sue is also an experienced fish grader and assists with sales and coordination of pack days.

Jaycob Brooks


Jaycob has been in the fishing industry since 2015. Jaycob is involved with all aspects of the day to day running of our production facility including stock control, fish processing, grading and assisting boats with loading up for trips and unloading fish. Jaycob assists with export documents for frozen albacore, export documents for fresh fish being air freighted and factory audits.